London: Tips & Trics?

I’m planning a trip to London from Tuesday, the 13th ’till Saturday, the 17th of September. It’s the second time I’m going to London and the sixth time for my boyfriend (by then my husband, yay :D!), so we kinda now our way through the city.

Last time we had dinner in Sagar, an Indian restaurant, and we’re definitely going back there! But now we’re looking for other vegetarian or vegan restaurants, I spotted so many at happycow that it’s just too difficult to choose some. I think getting a comment from a reader/fellow blogger helps me more ;). For example;Β Loving Hut seemed great, any experience? We’re also looking for shops like ethical/vegan shoes and clothing, food, plates and stuff like that, …. So if any of you can help me with this: I’ll be very gratefull!


We plan to make a visit to Whole Foods Market, more for me then for my bf actually ;). Are there any other vegan/veggie/organic stores that are worth the visit? We’re probably going to visit these the last day because then we can take some goodies with us. Non-food related we’re definitely going back to Rough Trade music shop, there are so many good CD’s, it’s like a little bit of heaven. People Tree is also on my list, I don’t like ordering clothes from the internet, so now I have the chance to go, see and try on some outfits!

As for museums: we already visited The National Gallery and are planning to go back. Tate Modern is on our list. And is the National Media Museum worth visiting? Other tips around photography/museums are aaaalways welcome!

Does anyone have experience with Go Native apartments/studios? We like the idea of a studio way more than staying in a hotel. Our previous hotel experiences weren’t that great: dirty, small and lots of money to pay.


So many questions! I hope you hit me back!


4 thoughts on “London: Tips & Trics?

  1. realfunfood says:

    I live in London and can help with any questions you have, except where to stay 😦 Sounds like you already know a lot of good places. Where are you visiting from?

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