A Veggie-Eco Wedding

It’s been a while since I wrote my last post. Well, since a week and a half ago, I can call myself a married lady! Tuesday we left to London to celebrate. I’ll write a/some post(s) about that later this week.

Because we both are vegetarians for some years now, we often have/had to be satisfied with a plain salad on a party/in a restaurant, we didn’t want to cause any animals harm during our wedding, didn’t want to support the meatindustry, etc., we decided to organize our wedding the veggie-eco style. We did this by going to a vegetarian restaurant and asked them if we could dine there in the noon. They reacted very enthusiastically and soon a menu was composed.
As an appetizer we got cucumber filled with guacamole, followed by a pumpkin-curry soup. The entree was a sesamepancake (our oldtime favorite) and the main dish was a sweet and sour seitanstew with röstis, a little tower made of rice and vegetables and a vegetable”skewer”. Of course, the most important thing -for a sweet tooth like me-, dessert: delicious chocolate cake (Sachertörte) with chocolate mousse and gingerbread ice-cream. Everybody was very enthusiastic about the amazing food. Even the most fervent meateaters told us that they would visit the restaurant again and didn’t miss meat (or fish) for a second.

In the evening we wanted to present our guests some vegetarian snacks so that the guests that arrived in the evening would be full enough and the ones that already ate a festive meal at noon could pick something up when they felt like it. We looked at some veggie caterers but couldn’t find any that really lived up to our expectations. Finally we contacted the restaurant were we would dine in the noon and asked if they knew somebody who did some decent vegetarian catering. The called around and decided that they couldn’t find anyone BUT they told us that they could do it themselves. We didn’t even need to look at each other to know our answer to that question (for those of you who aren’t sure: YES!). They made sure we had some incredible snacks in the evening: gazpacho, falafel, couscous, olive-tomato-eggplantskewers, röstis, … Again, everyone was very pleased about the food. For dessert we bought some pies and I made some cakes, brownies and sachertörtes my own (I love dessert but I’m very picky, I love my own cake).

So much for the vegetarian section. What was so ecological about our wedding? Well, we wanted to do it as ecologically as possible, without having to lose the comfort we adore. I’ve never been a girl that dreamed of a white princess gown, flowers in my hair and white pigeons. That’s why I chose to buy a dress that I would also wear after the wedding. I bought a purple dress with tight pants underneath from Sarah Pacini. Sarah Pacini is fabricated in Europe, for me this means a huge ecological and ethical plus. My husband also chose something he could wear after the wedding.
Transport can cause a lot of carbon emissions. On top of that, we didn’t think it would be very responsible that after a few glasses of wine in the restaurant everyone would get into her/his car to drive to the party spot. That’s why we chose to rent a bus that would get us from the city hall to the restaurant and from there on to the festivities. Ecological advantage ànd a great way to share transportation with family and friends.

If anyone would like some more information about anything, dare to ask.


9 thoughts on “A Veggie-Eco Wedding

  1. Carrie (Carrie on Vegan) says:

    Wow, congratulations married woman! I love that you made your wedding eco-conscious, that is so awesome. I’m sure you inspired your friends and family. I wish I had done that with mine. I am throwing a baby shower in a few weeks and I’m trying my best to be eco-conscious. Do you have any tips on eco-friendly decorations?

  2. Ricki says:

    Oh, my gosh–CONGRATULATIONS!! All the best to both of you. And what lucky wedding guests, really! Everything sounds so delicious. Good for you! And hope you’re enjoying your first blissful month of married life. 😀

  3. Sara (The Veggie Eco-Life) says:

    Thank you! I hope we did inspire some people, but I’m pretty sure we did 🙂 (mission accomplished!).
    We tried not to over-decorate. We tried to use eco and local flowers but didn’t succeed in this completely, we didn’t find a store that was ‘into’ this. If you do find one in your neighborhood, I recommend this highly! My mother did the flower arrangements so we DID use a lot of green and flowers from our own garden.
    As coasters (I don’t know if this is the exact term in English) for the candles we used little plates that we can use later to serve appetizers.
    If you want to decorate using balloons, I read something about ecofriendly balloons. So I’m sure if you google it, you’ll find it.
    Also, for the tablecloths: we rented those. It was not very expensive and it more environmental friendly then using paper tablecloths.

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