World Vegetarian Day!

Today is World Vegetarian Day, the kick-off of Vegetarian Awareness Month. On the website non-veggies can make a pledge to eat veggie for a month. So, I suggest that you leave some random hints with your non-veggie friends and stimulate them to eat vegetarian by inviting them over for a dinner party!

Vegan MoFo couldn’t have picked a better month. VeganMoFo stand for the Vegan Month of Food (for those who haven’t been around the blogverse lately). It’s an initiative developed by Post Punk Kitchen and inspired by the National Novel Writing Month. Different blogs write as many posts (preferred daily) for an entire month. Of course these posts only contain vegan recipes and information. Go and have a look how many blogs are participating this year! I nearly fell out of my chair! I plan to go along with the flow next year.

On this beautiful World Vegetarian Day I want to share some interesting websites, information and appetizing recipes:

I hope you enjoy looking at those wonderful recipes just as much as I did.
For all those infoholics out there, I’ll leave this pile of articles behind:

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