Delicious Indian food and other snacks – London, day 1.

Tuesday, the 13th of September, we left to London early in the morning. Because we left so early we didn’t have the chance to have some decent breakfast. Once arrived in London we left our luggage in our GoNative studio in Camden and went to the Loving Hut, Archway. We kinda forgot that it was 10h in the morning… So we decided to take a look around Archway and ended up at Costa Coffee. We noticed they sold some sandwiches and decided to take a bite. There was a good offer on vegetarian sandwiches. I got all excited when I noticed that they use dairy from happy cows:
That’s right, we now have seven animal-friendly farms in the Devon countryside producing the milk for all Costa operated stores. Why? Well, this way we can be sure our cows can spend most of their days happily grazing (lucky cows). This makes them healthier and so they live longer, producing better quality milk for our coffees.”
However when I noticed that you could also choose soymilk or -cream, I chose the last.

The wonderful contrast between KFC and loving vegan food.

After relaxing at Costa, we wandered around the streets in Archway, before returning to the LovingHut. Although the buffet looked delicious, I opted for the vegan burger and fries. It was really tasty, but maybe I expected more. J. chose for the buffet, which I – of course – tasted and approved. Though, we did notice that LH is more for a quick bite to eat than for a relaxing noon out eating.

After filling our bellies, we went to (re)discover Camden. Blessing in disguise, while wandering around at market no. 2, it suddenly was pouring down on us. Fortunately, the first bar we came by was the vegan restaurant InSpiral. Because all the drinks on the menu looked so delicious, I went for something simple: fresh apple juice. Delicious, liquid apple. J. went for some smoothie, which wasn’t really his kinda flavor.

Vegan burger in the Loving Hut

In the evening we could finally go back to … Sagar, a vegetarian Indian restaurant. We opted for their settlement in the West End, where we also went the last time we were in London. As a starter we ordered a samosa, which perhaps might’ve been a little more seasoned. The main course consisted of channa masala (chickpeas in a tomato curry), Saag paneer (spinach with paneer), bhindi bhajee (okra with tomatoes and onions), zeera aloo (spicy potatoes) and sambar (vegetables in a coconut sauce). The latter was only for J, since I still don’t eat coconut. Admittedly, in my memory the food was pure heaven, maybe more than it actually was. Yet, delightful! And not having to worry whether something is completely vegetarian or not.

My absolute favorite was the channa masala, I will try to copy-paste it later on, but doubt that it’s going to work. The seasoning of the dishes is so perfect that an attempt to replicate it will probably fail. The bhindi bhajee was also delicious, but maybe a bit too generous on the onion. The zeera aloo would’ve been better if it was a little bit more spicy. That’s the drawback such a herb-rich food culture has, if there is little seasoning, the flavor quickly gets boring. The funny thing is that I’m not a fan of spinach, but saag paneer is one of my favorite dishes. Moreover, I always leave the paneer for J. because he’s really fond of it, while I’m not. Saag paneer is often prepared too creamy, especially in Westernized Indian restaurants. In Sagar, however, it’s prepared the traditional way, which means a little creamy and well seasoned (a lot of curry – yum!).
Together with these dishes, we took a bowl of plain rice and a portion of paratha (a type of bread). We ate until we almost bursted. I still can not believe we ate everything (though this particular honor goes to J.). So if you are ever in London, certainly visit one of the Sagar-establishments for some delicious Indian food!


6 thoughts on “Delicious Indian food and other snacks – London, day 1.

  1. Hannah (BitterSweet) says:

    I’m so curious about Loving Hut… I’ve still never ventured into one, but it seems like a good option. At the very least, I love that they’re making vegan food more accessible to those who might otherwise opt for traditional fast food instead. A good contrast to KFC, indeed!

  2. Sonnet says:

    I just went to a Loving Hut for the first time in San Francisco. I had no idea that they were a chain! I only had dessert there, but their vegan cheesecake is excellent!

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