A hip neighborhood for hipsters and dinner at Vantra – London, day 2.

Normally I’m a horrible sleeper on holidays, but in our GoNative studio I (almost) slept like a baby! On top of that, I think it’s cozier to decide yourself what you’re breakfast will look like. That’s why we did some shopping on our first day at Whole Foods Market in Camden. It’s not such a big establishment, but surely big enough to find everything for the perfect breakfast!

Organic fruitjuice, bread, cheezly and cheatin'

After eating all this goodness, we went to town. Oxford Street, Tottenham Court Road, Regent Street, … A whole lot of hip shops where I wanted to take a look. I was specially looking for the brand People Tree, which they sell at John Lewis and Anthropologie. But first we made a stop at EAT. to, you’ll never guess, grab a quick bite. I was happy watching the vegetarian offers (like a sandwich with avocado, …) and the organic coffee.

It was a long walk to John Lewis since it’s located on the end of Oxford Street and we started at n°1. When we came at the crossing with Regent Street we decided to go to Anthropologie. Meanwhile it was getting busier and busier on the streets, with lots of hipsters. Nothing against hipsters, but something against the incredible fuss they caused. J. and I can’t handle that well. Luckily we arrived soon at Anthropologie, but I couldn’t find any People Tree clothes to my liking… There were some other beautiful clothes, but the pricetag was a bit to my disliking (300£ for a blouse? No thanks!).

Een gezellige bar in Soho, London

After walking into a side street we were excited to see a cosy bar. We went in for a drink and a well deserved break. Meanwhile, we checked which restaurant we could visit that evening. When watching the website of Vantra I already got enthusiastic. Maybe I should’ve tempered my enthusiasm ’cause when we arrived at the restaurant it turned out to be very small and you could only choose food from the buffet. En plus, the restaurant was nearly full, beyond the two free seats were we squeezed in. The buffet did look nice and was still pretty good. I just got a bit sad for the many vegan/vegetarian businesses in London that offer a buffet. Although the food is not bad, there is always a bit of a monotonous taste on the food. Vantra could not help it, but their channa masala was not as good as the one at Sagar. It was much less spicy and had a lot less flavor. Anyway, my hungry belly was happy with a healthy vegan meal. I do not think I would return to Vantra immediately, but when I would pass with a growling stomach, they would have another client hungry for vegan food!

Delicious Indian food and other snacks – London, day 1.


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