Street Art in Spitalfields, Brick Lane and InSpiral – Londen, day 3.

On our third day in London we planned an alternative tour through London. I didn’t exactly know what to expect, but it was clear that it had something do to with street art. I’ll let the images speak for themselves:

This is just a small selection of the artworks we saw!

After the tour we were hungry and tired. We saw a Pizza Express in the neighborhood and decided to order us a delicious pizza. Delicious? Wrong! I ordered a pizza margherita with lots of taste, but I got one without any taste whatsoever. On top of that it was expensive, the air-conditioning was running on full speed and it was way to noisy. It definitely is not recommended to ever visit Pizza Express.

We explored Brick Lane and surrounding. Last time we went to the Rough Trade store and I definitely wanted to go again. Never have I encountered such a music store, about 80% of the albums seem cool. We emptied our wallets and filled our music rack.

In the evening we wanted a quite and comfortable meal in InSpiral. Wrong again. Apparently there was a concert that evening, which they were preparing when we dined there. Never mind, as long as the food is good I’m happy. Wrong again. This was somewhat of a disappointment because I looked forward at eating at InSpiral, the menus on the site look incredible. I ordered a raw burger, because I wanted to try something raw for a change. The burger wasn’t bad, specially because there was delicious tapenade smeared on it. Still, the structure of the burger wasn’t quite my thing, it was really dry (dehydrator?) and it began to feel kinda grainy in my mouth. As a side dish I took a coleslaw and J. had a vegetable curry. It was not bad, but it wasn’t my cup of tea either. I think there was too little flavor in the dishes. Even the good-looking desserts couldn’t bother me anymore after the disappointment. Perhaps it was better when we had chosen different dish or another side dish… Better luck next time!


Delicious Indian food and other snacks – London, day 1.
A hip neighborhood for hipsters and dinner at Vantra – London, day 2.


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