Whole Foods Love and Sagar for the second time – Londen, day 4 + 5.

This is my last London-post, the following posts are back to ‘normal‘ ;)!
Our last day in London we reserved for a visit to Portobello Road and Whole Foods Market in Kensington.

We left at noon to visit Portobello Road, a nice street full of market stalls selling food, clothing and many antiques. We strolled past the stalls till we came by Banger Bros. A burger shop, nothing special at first sight, ’till we noticed a veggieburger on the menu! J. was hungry and decided to order one. At the first bite it was very quiet, followed by ‘this is the best burger EVER‘! Of course I wanted to take his word to the test. Indeed, best burger ever. It was seitan-like with arugula, bell pepper and aïoli. This Banger Bros was quite small but had wide appeal. On top of all this deliciousness, everything was organic and they made their fries ‘Belgian style‘ (marked by a box in the colors of the Belgian flag). Magnificent!

After Portobello Road we came at a complex intersection. One of these streets was supposed to lead us to the Whole Foods store, but which one? Our experience with asking for directions in London was only positive, so we did what we did many times before. A nice looking man was eager to help us, he asked where exactly we needed to be “Whole Foods Market”, “OH! That’s my wife’s temple!”. A positive contact and the right route learned.

Our original plan was to eat something at Saf, but after that burger we weren’t that hungry. I decided to order a crêpe with chocolate sauce and J. ordered a mocha-milkshake. Both were megalicious! The salad bar, taco’s and wraps also looked plenty of yum.

The shop itself was a real walhalla. I could wander around there forever, if it wasn’t for J. who occasionally brought me back on earth. We took some vegan cheeses and substitutes (cheezly, cheatin’) home to taste. However, the best moment was when I came at the cereal section.

So many choices! We already tried the Country Crisp with chocolat from Jordan’s as breakfast. Because every morning our taste buds were spoiled by this cereal we decided to take another box home, together with the Country Crisp Chuncky Nuts. On top of that we took some fruit juices, bread and chips home in our shopping bag. If the prices weren’t that high at Whole foods, it would be the perfect store! I’m still hoping and wishing they come to Belgium!

In the evening we dined again at Sagar, again delightsome!


On our last day in London, we walked around in the center, something we had not done this holiday. We went to Trafalgar Square, where we rested on a bench. We were actually looking for a bookstore, but unfortunately there were none. In St. Pancras station we found one and bought a few books. Then it was time to get back on the train to Brussels. Tata London!

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