Two way Pesto

A few weeks ago I made an agreement with my parents that I will cook twice (or more) a week. Because I didn’t want to spend a whole afternoon in the kitchen I decided to make some pesto. An easy way to use up all the basil that was just hangin’ around in the garden.

‘Basic’ pesto seemed a bit boring to me, so I decided to make two different pestos. First, I made some basic pesto and devided this in two. On the first batch I added some sun dried tomatoes and in the second portion I processed some rocket salad.

– basil
– pine nuts
– garlic
– (black) pepper
Mix all the ingredients (to taste) in the foodprocessor and mix well, but leave some bigger pieces.

  • Pesto with sun dried tomatoes
    – sun dried tomatoes
    Add the tomatoes to half of the basic pesto in the foodprocessor and mix till it’s a smooth mass. This can take a while since there are some big chuncks between those tomatoes.
    I bought a box of sun dried tomatoes in the store, but you can easily make your own by buying (or taking from your garden) some small tomatoes, half them and grill them in your oven.
  • Rocket pestoΒ 
    – rocket salad

    Add a handful of rocket to the other half of the basic pesto in the foodprocessor. Mix till you become the desired consistency.

Delicious and simple! I served the pasta pesto with grilled bell pepper and some left-over sun dried tomatoes.

We always make a huge batch of pesto, with a good layer of oil you can keep this in your fridge for a few weeks. It’s delightsome on a sandwich but also handy when you want to make a quick pasta!


6 thoughts on “Two way Pesto

  1. Hannah (BitterSweet) says:

    Pesto is such a great thing to make in bulk and bust out in times of need. Especially in the winter, it’s so wonderful to add a zip of bright, herbaceous flavor just like that. Thanks for reminding me- I should snag a big bunch of basil before the price skyrockets for the winter!

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