Meet… Dandie!

After living without a dog for two years, almost everybody in the house was secretly hoping for one. If it was my choice only, there would’ve been a big cuddly bear in the house a lot sooner. About two months ago my mom started to check the website of our local pet shelter on a regular base. Though I consider such a thing as torture, I could not resist to occasionally look over her shoulder. This was followed by a lot of “ooh’s” and “aah’s” and significant glances.

Last week I noticed a new dog on the website, a mixed-breed of a Jack Russell and a Rotweiller. He looked so cute that last saturday, J. and I went to take a look. Unfortunately for us, he was already gone. Of course, good for him! Nevertheless, I was a bit sad. When we went to look at the other dogs, my heart broke a bit. Where I was thinking about doing volunteer work in the pet shelter a few months ago, I realized this wasn’t such a good idea. So many wonderful dogs that were wiggling their cute tails and looking at me with those sweet eyes… I couldn’t possibly make a choice.

When we ended up on the cages outside, I walked to the furriest German Shepherd ever. I decided to stay in the car, while J. asked some more information.

That same evening we told my parents. Of course they would have to agree to bring this furry dog into our home. There wasn’t much convincing necessary and on monday J., my mom and I were sitting in the car, direction pet shelter.

Meet Dandie! A German Shepherd of 7,5 years old. She’s allergic to pork, rice and grass. That’s why she has to take a pill every morning and gets anti-allergic food. She was brought to the pet shelter due to ‘financial circumstances’. I can’t imagine it was for any other reason.

The first day she was a bit restless, but also very curious. In the evening though, she was snoring down the house. We were all a bit anxious about how the night would go, but we didn’t hear a single sound. When J. got up in the night, she was sleeping on the couch.

Now, after almost one week, she feels at home. She gets into the couch, she cuddles with us, she loves to eat, … At first she was squeaking for about 5 minutes when someone of us left the house, but that ‘problem’ is already over.

When the snow is melted, we’re going to enjoy a long walk!


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