Thank you Provamel!

A while ago Provamel designed a contest (for Belgium and the Netherlands) where you had to submit a recipe you created in which you used Provamel products. I did. I sent in my recipe for Chocolate Chip Muffins. Since I was pretty quick with submitting my recipe, I was with the first 30 contestants. This meant that I would receive a package full of Provamel products. I was excited when I received an e-mail, some time later, to assure that I was with those first 30 and that I would receive the package!

Content: 3 soyadrinks bananaSoya plus calcium – Soya Unsweetened Soya ChocolateSoya Vanilla RicemilkAlmondmilk Vanilla Soya dessertChocolate Soya Dessert – Cappucino Soya Dessert Caramel Soya Dessert (but in a 500g package) – 2 Soya Cream (some mistakes on the photo: the almondmilk is on there twice, the chocolate soya dessert and one banana drink were already in ma belly)

I became overexcited when I found out that my recipe was not only within those first thirty contestants, but that it was also chosen as one of the best twenty recipes! I was rewarded with this wonderful package of ecological cookinggear (from Kudzu). Aaaand, my recipe is going to be in the Provamel cooking magazine (Belgium + Netherlands).

Content: GreenPan WokLunchskin2 Towels 3 BowlsBamboo Spoons – Bamboo Cutting BoardMini Mi Bamboo BowlCoasters

That’s why I want to say THANK YOU PROVAMEL for these wonderful gifts and your amazingly delicious plant-based products! 


4 thoughts on “Thank you Provamel!

  1. Hannah (BitterSweet) says:

    What an amazing selection! I am so incredibly jealous… Especially of the specialty flavored “milks.” We just don’t have anything to choose from like those in the US. The most adventurous flavor is chocolate, and really, that’s hardly exciting. What I would do for banana milk.. That sounds awesome!

    • Sara (The Veggie Eco-Life) says:

      Well, maybe it’s because I like things simple, but my favorite is the chocolatemilk! Something with a fruit flavor always tastes to sweet for me… The banana is okay, but there’s also a strawberry one and that’s just an overload of sweetness. But for your sake, I’ll just hope that Provamel comes to the U.S. one day 😉
      It’s weird, by the way, that we have all these flavors in soymilks in Europe. Because on all other plant based foods (like ‘cheezes’ and burgers), I think the US has way more options.

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