Vegan MoFo #5 – VeggiEmail

If you’re a regular visitor to this blog, you might’ve noticed… Next to ‘Home’, ‘About’, etc. there is a new title “VeggiEmail“.

On the first day of this month I promised that there were some new projects coming. VeggiEmail is on of those! I had the idea thanks to another blogger who made a pen pal-project. This focused on the USA and went via regular mail. But the idea to communicate about vegetarianism/veganism appealed to me, so I decided to participate. However, because the postoffices aren’t working at their best, myΒ pen pal never received my letter, neither did I receive his/hers. Too bad! On top of that all I thought I was being a little hypocritical because I don’t take an airplane, but my mail does… That’s when I started thinking: why not via e-mail?!

So, I introduce to u VeggiEmail, where you can sign in and soon your digital pen pal will be presented to u. I understand that some people like to have contact with an international crowd, so I’m hoping that there will be lots of international people who subscribe! I’ve put the same form on my Dutch blog, so I’m just guessing that there will be some Belgians and Dutch people on board. If you want to make sure that there is a mailpartner for you, you can always share this through your blog, facebook, twitter, …

You can subscribe here!
If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to ask via mail or leave a comment.


3 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo #5 – VeggiEmail

  1. Emily says:

    Great idea! I actually signed up for a Vegan Pen Pal service online and have since made great friends with a American vegan now living in Finland. Having a vegan pen pal is the best.

    • Sara (The Veggie Eco-Life) says:

      How great! I’m also communicating with someone in Australia, it’s fun! Specially because there are so many other things to talk about, aside from veganism πŸ™‚

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