Vegan MoFo #6 – Weekly Favorites

Since Vegan MoFo, and actually the whole internet, has a huge offer, I decided to put my favorites online. I thought that there weren’t too many things to post since I only had the time to read all the posts of the first mofo day. I thought wrong. There were lots of tasty dishes out there!

Fresh fig cake with fig jam from The Tasty Vegan
Peruvian bean bowl with roasted pepper sauce and fried plantains from Taste Space
Smokey butternut mac & cheese from Manifest Vegan (one that I’m definitely going to cook next week)
Mexican chocolate cake with almonds from Wandering Ladle
Butternut pumpkin enchiladas from Veg Hot Pot
And the last one, my kinda thing: Vegan Egg Salad from Vegan NomNoms!
The full list of favorites can be found on my Pinterest.


It wasn’t exactly quiet around here either:
1. World Veggie Day
2. Kale Chips
3. Lotus Speculoos
4. Artichoke Paste
5. VeggiEmail


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