Vegan MoFo #8 – Tested: VegiDeli Bio Rashers

After years of being a vegetarian, I lost count of how many ‘meat replacers’ I tried! What I can say is that at least 70% of them tasted like crap (pardon my language). The last couple of years things have changed though. As a vegetarian you have lots of options to put on your sandwhich. As a new vegan my quest starts again, my options have shrunk but it doesn’t mean that I know all of them. The fun thing is that there’s less really gross stuff. It’s even more fun when you find something that is really good.


The ‘rashers’ from VegiDeli are really good. Specially when you put em between two slices of bread and grill them. If you want to reach the croque monsieur effect, you can add some vegan cheese, but I liked them best ‘pure’. Cold they don’t taste that great, the smokey flavor reaches it top point when heated. You can simply bake them with some vegan butter in a pan and eat them together with your bread or salad.

Water, wheat protein, sunflower oil, soya flour, salt, natural flavour, yeast extract, raw cane sugar, thickener: locust bean gum.

Nutritional informatio per 100g :
Energy 1013kJ/242kcal
Protein 23.5g
Carbohydrate 13.6g
Fat 10.9g

Some critical notes: I always wonder what “natural flavour” is and it is quite a lot of fat.


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