Vegan MoFo #11 – Dreena’s Chocolate Sin-namon Cake

Those who know me, know I love chocolate. It’s not that I eat it all the time and that every time that I come near a chocolate bar someone has to hold me. I just adore the taste of it, after dinner or as a small snack during the day. Just one small piece of chocolate is enough to last for the day. But every now and then I just want something more. Something that’s a bit bigger and makes me enjoy different tastes.

In my large collection of (vegan) cookbooks, I was browsing through Dreena Burton’s Eat, Drink & Be Vegan (p. 189). When I saw the recipe for Chocolate Sin-namon Cake, I knew it was there to make that exact moment. And I was so right. The combination of chocolate and cinnamon is like heaven on earth to me, I love how these two flavors complement each other so well. I smeared some vegan cream-cheese – chocolate topping on it to make it even better.

Just try it.


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