Vegan MoFo #12 – Weekly Favourites

Today, just like last week, I will give an overview of delicious recipes and interesting articles I found through the Vegan MoFo feed. My biggest favourites are up here, and the rest of them you can find on my Pinterest account!

JL from JL Goes Vegan had the amazing idea to put all sorts of vegan (cooking) questions into blogposts. Specially this one about cooking grains and beans in a pressure cooker spiked my interest.
This tofu and broccoli in yellow curry from Plantaardigheidjes looks great, doesn’t it? I’m not a fan of coco, but I’ll find a way to fix it.
This seems like a great tortellini recipe with an original sauce.
You end a dinner party with dessert… and desserts there are plenty! These days an apple cake is no luxury. And after my speculoos serenade it’s no surprise that I’m going to try this pudding from leaves & flours. Since I adore maple syrup and walnuts I would intensely enjoy this ice cream from fuckyeahveganicecream. And last but not least, these lemon and ginger cookies from Fieke!

Actually it is really hard to choose between the overload on delicious mofo-recipes… What I like very much is to study the blogs in different languages and sometimes using google translate to understand some bits. I stumbled upon Vegan Wednesday which is something created by a few German blogs. People can show off what vegan foods they ate on wednesday (even non-vegans). All of the recipes are gathered at Pinterest.

In this second MoFo-week I blogged about pumpkin-paprika souprashers from VegiDeli, veganism for dummies, Maya’s seitan croquettes and Dreena Burton’s chocolate-cinnamon cake.

I’m not promising anything, but I hope to post some more recipes next week. It is already clear to me that I should plan ahead next MoFo.
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