Vegan MoFo #13 – Soy’Chili Tofu

I really love tofu. It’s delicious, but it has to be made the right way. That last thing sometimes is a problem, when you get a weak and tasteless thing on your plate, specially in those restaurants who don’t know a thing about vegetarian cuisine. When you make it yourself there’s not a thing you can’t do with tofu. The most important thing is to press it and let it marinade for at least an hour.

There’s hard and soft tofu, soft tofu is handy for desserts and the hard one for savoury meals. I press my tofu between two kitchen towels and some heavy books on top. My favorite marinade is the most simple one ever. A fellow volunteer for EVA (Belgian vegetarian society) used it to marinade her tofu for veggie skewers on the barbeque. It tastes good on the bbq, but I prefer it baked in a pan.

Soy’Chili Tofu
2 persons

250 g Tofu
apr. 5 tbsp soy sauce
apr. 5 tbsp sweet chili sauce

Press the tofu. Cut into 1 Γ  1,5 cm pieces.
Pour the soy sauce and chili sauce in a little oven dish.Β The amount depends on your oven dish, the tofu slices should be alongside each other and the sauce should cover all slices well. Always use as much soy as chili sauce.
Let it marinate for one hour.
Heat some oil in a pan and fry the tofu.

Et voila,Β a super simple but delicious warming recipe. To save some time you can press the tofu overnight and marinade it in the morning, to make it go even faster in the evening. It’s lovely with some spinach and brown rice (and obviously combined with the remaining marinade / sauce;)).

as you can see, I add the leftover marinade to the pan the last minute of baking.


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