Vegan MoFo #15 – Weekly Favourites III

Sickness always comes at the wrong time. And of course I got sick this week, actually it started last week but this week it was extra bad. That makes that I didn’t have any energy left after work to write a blogpost, or to do anything but chill in my sofa. I did make some delicious things this weekend that I would like to share next week!

I’ve pinned some interesting looking things this week, but I will not share too many favourites, except for two posts from the other Dutch blogs.

Fieke spoke about ‘Kook het Voort’ (Cook It Forward), a new project from EVA in which everyone can join. You invite three people, you cook a vegetarian meal for them and explain how to do this. They, again, invite three people over for dinner. The point is that everybody learns how easy, fun and delicious vegetarian cooking is.
Plantaardigheidjes’ twentiest (!) MoFo post was a recipe for sweet potato curry with apples and raisins. Are you drooling by the sound of that? I am. On top of that, it is a perfect recipe for fall.  

Photo: Plantaardigheidjes

Over here, blogging was rather low, but I do have to mention my delicious Soy’Chili Tofu. And I loved the Provamel Hazelnut Milk. I will make up for the lack of posting, next week!

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