Vegan MoFo #17 – Mini-Bread-Pizza’s

Mini-Bread-Pizza’s, or what to do with leftover bread?

Are you sometimes in the same situation, that you brought to much bread (rolls, buns, bagels, …)? The sad thing is that they’re mushy or too hard the next day.  Of course you can simply slice them in two, put them in the toaster and put some chocolate paste or jelly on top of it.

What I think is the best way to use leftover bread is to make mini-pizza’s. It’s super simple:


To begin with, you take a look in the fridge to see if there are any vegetables, tofu- or seitansausages. I had some olives that had to be used, a tofu sausage and artichokes. Little cans of tomato puree come in handy.
Preheat the oven at 200°C and slice the old buns in half.
Take a small can of tomato puree, put it in a small bowl and add water ’till it reaches the desired consistency. Add some fresh or dried herbs, like basil, oregano, pepper and garlic, to your sauce. Spread this on every half of the buns.
Take your veggies and/or (sliced) sausages and put them on the buns. Put them for 5 to8 minutes in the preheated oven. If you have a grill-function on your oven, it’s interesting to add this 1 to 2 minutes. This makes your mini-pizza’s nice and crunchy.

I specially love this with long Turkish bread. If I visit the Turkish bakery, I always bring a long bread to make mini-pizza’s the day after (actually, you can make these pizza’s as big or small as you like).

What can you put on tha pizza? My absolute favorites are artichokes (you can buy them fresh, canned or in bowls) and onion. Spinach, olives, bell peppers and of course tomatoes are good too! Try to experiment with your favorite veggies: broccoli, cauliflower, kale, … Vegan sausages and cheezes are good too. My personal favorite is Wilmersburger.

With leftover bread you can make croques“, “toastiesor “sandwiches”. Just add something that you like between two slices of bread and put them in a grilling machine. Actually, you can add about the same things you put on mini-pizza’s ;).


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