Vegan MoFo #20 – Quince Jam

There’s a lot of fruit in our garden. But quinces seem to grow best and are one of those things that don’t get eaten by birds in 5 seconds. It’s too bad this fruit is not that well-known. I’m happy to see that there are plenty of recipes around on the internet.
However, we decided to make a simple jam. Or should I say, my mom decided to make a simple jam. It wasn’t the first time we made quince jam, but my idea to add agar agar was a hit. Often is said that agar agar has a temporarily effect. But I think that the effect stays because the jelly is put into glass bowls immediately after boiling. Fact is that the jelly turns into a real jam if you add agar agar. And the big plus is that you have to use a whole less sugar!

Quince Jam

3 l quince juice
1,5 kg sugar
juice from 3 lemons
25 gr agar agar powder

The above ingredients give you the ratios. I don’t exactly know how many kg of quinces you need to obtain 3 l. The best thing you can do is measure how many liters you have left after cooking your quinces.

Wash the quinces and rub the fuzz off the skin.
Slice them in thin slices. You can leave everything: the skin and the core (they have to go through a cheese cloth anyway).
Put them in a big pot and add water ’till the quinces are covered.
Bring everything to a boil, occasionally prick them with a fork to see if they’ve turned soft. When they’re soft you can put them off the fire and leave them to rest for a night.
The next day you put the paste in a cheese cloth and press very well so that it releases all moisture. You add the sugar and bring everything back to a boil. You can taste with a spoon, let it cool off and add the lemon juice if you think it’s too sweet. Add the agar agar and let it cook for a few minutes. Regularly stir so that it doesn’t get sticky.
Pour the hot jelly in glass jars, screw the lid on, put the pots on their heads and let them cool.
A few hours later, you will notice that the thick liquid has solidified and become a real jam.

Personally I think that the juice from quinces is pretty sweet, that’s why we add some lemon juice. Just have a taste if you’re not sure!


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