3. Travel Tuesday – KEEK, SOY and HOOI in Utrecht

The weekend before last I went to Utrecht with J. I always take a look on Happy Cow before I go to a ‘foreign’ city. Together with that, I got some great tips via Twitter.

KEEK in Utrecht | De groene Keuken I went to KEEK the first noon, KEEK stands for Kunst En Eerlijke Koffie (Art and Honest Coffee). It’s a nice place with lots of great drinks, like Bionade. I ordered the soup, because the soup is always vegan. Of course I asked to be sure ;-). It was my lucky day because it was some delicious tomato soup. Tomato soup happens to be my favorite, and this one was perfect. It was accompanied by some extra fresh and crispy bread. An extra plus is that the Ekoplaza (organic store) is a few houses further.
The soup at KEEK is always vegan. You can also ask for the sandwich with grilled veggies and pesto. They replace the pesto with red pesto, which is plantbased.

Kunst En Eerlijke Koffie – Twijnstraat 23, Utrecht. Open tu-fr 08h30-17h00 – sa & su 09h00-18h00. SOY, Utrecht l De Groene KeukenIn the evening J. and I dined at SOY, an Asian vegetarian restaurant. It’s an half hour walk from central station, but totally worth it. We ordered the Chinese Spring Rolls and the Saté’s with Peanut Sauce. I loved the spring rolls, there were plenty of vegetables in them. The sate’s were pretty heavy but they had a great bite and the sauce tasted great. Our main courses were Brown Soy with Kung Pao Sauce and Baked Peking Duck. I think the sauce had the right amount of spicy and the fresh veggies tasted great. The duck wasn’t my favorite, although the structure and sauce were good, I missed some vegetables. We got nasi and bami, which I adored! The nasi was perfect with even some mock ham in it. I’ve never seen such a mock menu, and never tasted it. I thought it was a little bit strange in the beginning, but after I tasted these dishes, I’m quite fond of it. On top of that, the owner of SOY is a very sweet lady, after talking to us, she even got us a gift!

SOY, Vegetarian Asian Cuisine – Antonius Matthaeuslaan 112, Utrecht. Open every day  16h00-21h30. Also take away.

HOOI, Utrecht | De Groene KeukenJust before we went back to Belgium, we went to HOOI. This was my favorite place! It was nicely decorated and had a great atmosphere (though the kitchen was a bit loud). We ordered the juice of the day and an apple juice to drink. I ate a sandwich with homemade hummus with carrots and cumin. J. ordered a pasta salad with sundries tomatoes, bell pepper and fresh herbs, which he liked. I adored the hummus and the bread was fresh and crispy, I really enjoyed it.
Before we ordered we asked to make sure that the sandwich and pasta salad were vegan. The owner told us exactly which ingredients were in these dishes, which was really nice. The pasta salad contained some cheese, but they left that out for us. We asked if they had some vegan dessert, which unfortunately they did not, but they told us that the next time we should visit, we should call in advance and they would make us a delicious vegan dessert.

HOOI – Burgemeester Reigestraat 25, Utrecht. Open mo-fr 08h00-17h00 – sa & su 09h00-17h30. 


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