4. What I Ate Wednesday

My ‘What I Ate Wednesday’ is a bit later then planned, but I’ll make it up today with two blogposts!

Wat ik Woensdag At (Vegan MoFo) | De Groene KeukenI started my wednesday with a delicious breakfast: pinkfingered dawn morning smoothie from the cookbook ‘De Snelle Vegetariër’ (The Quick Vegetarian – it’s not translated in English). I modified the recipe a bit, I used frozen red fruit, almond milk and line seeds. Simple, yet it tasted great.

Since last monday was our monthly trip to the Bioplanet (organic store in Belgium), I enjoyed sour dough bread with lentil-, seaweed-, and tofusalad in the noon. I ate some bits of cucumber and olives with that.

My snack was a Fruitbreak appel from Molenaartje.

Wat ik Woensdag At (Vegan MoFo) | De Groene Keuken

In the evening I tried a new recipe from another cookbook ‘Veggie voor Starters’ (Veggie for Beginners, not translated in English).  It was filled aubergine with onion, garlic, tomato and herbs. Together with that we ate pappardelle. Everything as organic and the aubergine was from our own garden.

What did you eat on wednesday?


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