6. Fork Friday – Croissants & Pain au Chocolat

I’m a big lover of cookbooks, but I also love browsing the many (vegan) blogs and pinning all those lovely recipes on my Pinterest. That Pinterest page looks like a (messy) vegan walhalla because of that. But of course, I have to do something with those recipes that can’t wait to be turned into good food. That’s why I will tell you every friday which of those pinned recipes I tried the last couple of days/weeks/months.

Croissants en Chocoladekoeken | De Groene Keuken

A while ago I decided that I wanted to make the perfect vegan croissant. Since pain au chocolat uses the same dough, I wanted to try them as well.

The first recipe I tried was that from Vegan Dad. It takes a whole while to make croissants, about an afternoon + morning. And the temperature shouldn’t be too high since the butter melts quickly. So you got to have a lot of patience to prepare croissants. I often lack patience, specially when the butter starts melting when I’m rolling out the dough, or when the butter splashes out everywhere and my hands were completely covered in butter. I was satisfied with this recipe, but I tried to find a faster and easier one.

That’s when I tried Vegan Appetite‘s croissants. Another method, but pretty much the same ingredients. The picture from the recipe looks scrumptious, but it was my least favorite recipe. I think it is because of the method, you knead frozen butter into the dough. It gets extra messy, cause the butter really is everywhere. The recipe was my least favorite, but the result was quite delicious!

The last recipe I tried was that from BitterSweet, one of my most favorite blogs. It wasn’t a complete surprise when this appeared to be the most lovable recipe of them all. On top of that, it’s the quickest, so that’s an extra plus. They didn’t look as great as on the picture, but the flavor was a-okay!

I liked the croissants with some (homemade) jam. But my favorites were the pains au chocolates, cause everything tastes better with chocolate!


4 thoughts on “6. Fork Friday – Croissants & Pain au Chocolat

  1. Hannah (BitterSweet) says:

    This makes my day! I know the croissants are a more involved recipe, so I’m beyond thrilled that you not only made them, but favored them above two other very strong recipes. Thank you so much! Best compliment ever. 🙂

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