7. Saturday Testday – Chicken Chunks and more from the Vegetarian Butcher

When we were in Utrecht, we brought along some products from the Vegetarian Butcher from the Ekoplaza. I was looking forward to finally try some things. Lucky for me and the rest of Belgium, some of their products are now available in Delhaize stores.

Getest: Bamihap van de Vegetarische Slager | De Groene Keuken

First we tried the Bio Bamihap (an organic bami croquette). This croquette has to be fried, but because I didn’t feel like frying, I just baked them in the pan in some oil. The result was good. I don’t know if I would buy it again, cause I’m not a huge fan of bami in a crust. But maybe it’s something I would like two times a year.  J. was a fan however, and he would definitely eat it again.

Getest: Kipstuckjes van de Vegetarische Slager | De Groene Keuken

The Vegetarian Chicken Chunks are another story, they taste like… well… chicken? As far as I can remember. My parents tried it and were convinced, for a moment, that it was chicken. J. loves these and could eat them everyday. I don’t miss meat, but I did enjoy these, specially cause they have a good structure and bite. It’s perfect for people who do miss meat or who are transitioning to a vegetarian or vegan diet.

The Chicken Teriyaki is almost the same as the chicken chunks, though they are flavored with soya sauce and sweet rice wine. So you could try marinating the chicken chunks to make the flavor perfect to your taste.

Getest: Rul Gehackt van de Vegetarische Slager | De Groene Keuken

Then there is the Baked Minced Meat, which is low in fat, has plenty of protein, some salt but also B12 and iron added. We tried this in tomato sauce, which was great. It, again, has a fine structure, it’s not tough, but not mushy either (not even when it was in the tomatosauce for about an hour). It’s nice to have a variation to the classic tomato sauce with veggies. However, we often add some TVP bits to our tomato sauce, which is kinda the same but much cheaper.

The only bad thing that I have to say is that I hope that all of their products will soon be vegan. Now there isn’t that much of a choice, but it has to be said that it is delicious.

Have you heard of The Vegetarian Butcher yet? Have you already had the chance to try something? 


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