12. What I Ate Wednesday

Plans have changed. On monday J. and I leave on holiday, we decided that last-minute. This means that there won’t be a book review this week, because I will use that one for next week. There will be less posts next week, but you’ll still have something to read.

Wat ik woensdag at #10 | De Groene Keuken

The day started well with a comforting and warm breakfast. I love hot breakfasts when the weather starts turning gray and cold. It wasn’t the breakfast pictured above, but was almost the same: oats with almond milk, cinnamon, lots of banana and coconut sugar (so no nuts).

For lunch we decided to have a roll with vegan gyros van wheaty after our fresh soup (onion, zucchini, lavas, carrots and tomato). To make that roll a perfect one, we added lots of lettuce, cucumber and olives.

Wat ik woensdag at | De Groene KeukenIn the evening I was invited, together with many other friends, to dine with my sweet friend Sarah. She made us vegan pad thai, paired with a fresh salad of i.a. orange and grapefruit. There was a lot to celebrate, J. and I were married for 2 years, J.’s birthday is today and a good friend and his girlfriend came back home after a few months in Spain. Not that there has to be something to celebrate to have a nice dinner, food and nice company is always fun!


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