13. Fork Friday : Moxarella for pizza

Those who are following me on Instagram, know I was on a serious pizza kick this summer. That’s because of the wonderful Uuni, which we ordered thourgh kickstarter. As a vegetarian I adored a pizza margherita, but now I love to experiment with different types of sauce, herbs, vegetables and cheese. “Cheese? But vegans don’t eat cheese?!” No they don’t. But now I make my own soy cheese or nut cheese for my pizza (or lasagne or whatever). If it has to be a quick dinner, I use grated Wilmersburger cheese.

Moxarella Cheese | De Groene Keuken

The cheese I liked most, out of the ones I tried, was the ‘Fresh Moxarella Cheese‘ from Vedged Out. I don’t add the olive oil but I do add about 1/4 cup of nutritional yeast, to become a more cheezy flavor. I only tried this cheeze on pizza, but I think it’ll work well on lasagne too.

So, if you plan to make pizza this weekend, this cheese is highly recommended!


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