14. Saturday Testday – VioLife & Nut Cheese

J. and I brought some goodies from Viva Las Vega’s Food Festival in Amsterdam. One of those goodies was the Nut Cheese, Four Seasons Pepper from Unlimited Health. This cheese is not only vegan, but also raw. It’s also healthy, because next to good fats from the nuts, there’s also probiotics. I loved the cheese instantly and thought it was a shame that it vanished so quickly… Next to the pepper flavor, there’s also one with Herbes de Provence. It reminds me a bit of goat cheese with pepper, except cruelty free, which means it’s better.

VioLife + Nut Cheese | De Groene Keuken

We also brought the VioLife cheese. This was equally good. Most of the time I don’t like my vegan cheese ‘plain’. I grill it between a sandwhich or add a lot of vegetables. But this one was perfect between a good slice of bread, nothing else, not grilled. We tasted the regular version and the one with herbs. I thought they were equally good, but J. prefered the regular one. If you ever have the chance to buy VioLife or the Nut Cheese, do not hesitate! In Holland they sell it at Unlimited Health and in Britain at SSOV.

VioLife + Nut Cheese | De Groene Keuken


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