24. Travel Tuesday – Arles, France: Chez Félix

Last week, J. and I went to France, a last minute decision to spend a few days in the warm south. We were a bit afraid that we wouldn’t be able to find decent vegan food. France isn’t the most veggie friendly country in the world. However, we managed to do okay and eat great food!

Vegan in Arles, France | De Groene Keuken

The first day we spent in Arles. I was passionately curious about the Camargue, so we decided to buy a few things in a local organic store, La Vie Claire. We were delighted with the vegan options! There were a few spreads which didn’t need to be cooled. And in the fridge there were vegan sausages, different kinds of tofy, humus and some soy cheese. We bought the soy cheese with pepper flavor and also an aubergine spread and humus. In the noon we had a picknick in the Camargue, with a view on some flamingo’s and lots of different birds. The soy cheese (Sojami) was amazing, if you are ever in France, go look for it!
The Camargue wasn’t what I expected it to be. I loved our picknick place, but the rest of it was very touristy and the famous Camargue horses are saddled, ready to go on a ride or are on a sad little place without any grass.

La Vie Claire, Avenue de Stalingrad 61, Arles
tue-thu 09h00-13h00 15h00-19h30
fri-sat 09h00-19h30

Vegan in Arles, France | De Groene Keuken

In the evening we looked forward to go out and eat at Fad’Oli (which offered some vegan sandwiches, salads and sushi!). When we arrived, however, it was closed. Disappointed. Luckily, I also saw there was Chez Félix on Happy Cow, it wasn’t a long walk. We entered and asked the chef if they had some ‘végétalien’ dishes. He enthousiasticly answered that the soup was vegan and also the vegetarien curry wok. To be certain, we asked if it was without dairy and/or eggs – everything was okay! Glad we found some vegan food, sat down on the terras, next to an old Roman Arena. The soup was pumpkin soup, which was good, but we did add some extra pepper. The wok was spinach and lentils in a coco-curry sauce with some rice. The flavor was really good, we enjoyed our meal and were happy with a nice dinner, lovely temperature and the typical France view. The service was absolutely great, the waitress didn’t speak a lot of English but did the best she could (and we are lucky to know some French). If you are ever in Arles, don’t hesitate to check out Chez Felix, there’s probably gonna be at least one vegan dish on his menu.

Chez Félix, Rond point des Arènes 32b, Arles
Open thu-tue 11h00-15h00 19h00-22h00


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