29. Sunday Storm – Vegan MoFo 2013 Favorites

The Vegan Month Of Food is almost over. There are lots and lots of blogs I got to know and want to keep following. Also there were a lot of blogs which I already knew and did their ultimate best this month. I didn’t succeed to post something everyday, almost, so next year will be perfect (I hope ;-)). Tomorrow will be my last post, and I’ll be doing a give-away, but only for the Netherlands and Belgium (the book is in Dutch, so it would be crazy to send it to the UK ;-)).

Today I’d like to share some of my favorite posts, theme’s and blogs from Vegan MoFo 2013. I didn’t find the time yet to go to all the blogs (who does anyway?), but these are the favorites from what I did read:

Seitan Is My Motor is one of my favorite blogs for years. This Vegan MoFo there was some extra love added. I may not be a fan of German cuisine, but they can make delicious desserts. SIMM made this her theme: veganised German dessert. What do you think about Streusel Plum Cake or Topped Apple Cake? I made the last one on friday, and it was fantastic!

A blog that’s new to me is Green Gourmet Giraffe, I discovered this blog thanks to the vegan GF sausages and yesterday there was this incredibly looking sushi stack.

The Vegan Kitchen of Dr Caligari is also a new-to-me blog. His theme? Cupcakes! Sweet cupcakes, breakfast cakes, savoury cupcakes, one for every taste. I would like to try them all.

Another old favorite is An Unrefined Vegan. Recipes which made me drool this month were this chocolate, peanut butter and blueberry fudge, peanut butter creme and raspberry chiffon pie and Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cupcakes with Orange “Marmalade” Frosting & Chocolate-Peanut Butter Drizzle. Here thema was – can you guess it? – peanut butter and jelly!

Don’t Eat Off The Sidewalk had another fun theme: food and movies. I didn’t know this blog yet, but I’m already a fan because of this awesome theme. It’s fun to discover new movies (although they aren’t always ‘my style’), and to see what food was made to go with it.

There are lots of other fun blogs, but it’s not possible to tell them all. I hope everyone had fun this Vegan MoFo, as a writer and a reader!

28. Saturday Testday – Sojami Tartimi (vegan cheese)

Sojami Vegan Kaas | De Groene KeukenIn France I discovered this delicious cheese. I still think about it every now and then and I hope to see him again soon. I don’t know exactly how to describe the taste. It’s a bit like cream cheese, but drier and more firm. Nicer, to be honest. It has a pure flavor and it’s not so fat as cream cheese (I always had this fat layer in my mouth when I ate cream cheese, yuk).

The vegan cheese from Sojami comes in five different flavors: basil, cumin, chive-shallot, garlic-herbs and 5 peppers. We tried the 5 peppers and cumin. To be honest, I don’t know which one I like best, because I think they were both magnificent. The 5 peppers reminded me a bit of goat cheese with pepper, better than cream cheese!

The Sojami cheese is sold on a few places in the UK, you can find it on their website. And/Or if you ever happen to be in France, you must surely look for it!

27. Fork Friday – Bulgogi Style Tofu

Bulgogi Style Tofu from Allyson Kramer | De Groene KeukenDuring my Japanese diner, I made a small jump to the Korean ktichen to flavor my tofu. I found this wonderful dish at Alysson Kramer (from the previous Manifest Vegan): Bulgogi Style Tofu

The tofy turned out pretty spicy, but I used a bit too much ginger and was eager on the pepper. I didn’t use green onions, since I didn’t have those. It was a delicious meal, that I will sure make again.

Alysson also made vegan Bulgogi Steak Sandwich. I didn’t try this, since there wasn’t any tofu left, but next time I will make an extra batch so that I can enjoy this sandwich the day after.

25. What I Ate Wednesday

I’m not being completely honest, since this isn’t what I ate on wednesday, but what I ate on thursday. Wednesday was to busy to take pictures of my food, and it wasn’t that spectacular either. So here’s thursday:

I started the day with some breakfast cereal we brought from France.


I had vegetable soup and some toasted bread with green pesto for lunch.

In the evening some friends came to dinner. I cooked Japanese / Asian with spinach, steamed broccolo, Bulgogi tofu and brown rice noodles with a dip sauce (partly from a new cookbook and I’m reviewing the tofu recipe soon). It was delicious!


24. Travel Tuesday – Arles, France: Chez Félix

Last week, J. and I went to France, a last minute decision to spend a few days in the warm south. We were a bit afraid that we wouldn’t be able to find decent vegan food. France isn’t the most veggie friendly country in the world. However, we managed to do okay and eat great food!

Vegan in Arles, France | De Groene Keuken

The first day we spent in Arles. I was passionately curious about the Camargue, so we decided to buy a few things in a local organic store, La Vie Claire. We were delighted with the vegan options! There were a few spreads which didn’t need to be cooled. And in the fridge there were vegan sausages, different kinds of tofy, humus and some soy cheese. We bought the soy cheese with pepper flavor and also an aubergine spread and humus. In the noon we had a picknick in the Camargue, with a view on some flamingo’s and lots of different birds. The soy cheese (Sojami) was amazing, if you are ever in France, go look for it!
The Camargue wasn’t what I expected it to be. I loved our picknick place, but the rest of it was very touristy and the famous Camargue horses are saddled, ready to go on a ride or are on a sad little place without any grass.

La Vie Claire, Avenue de Stalingrad 61, Arles
tue-thu 09h00-13h00 15h00-19h30
fri-sat 09h00-19h30

Vegan in Arles, France | De Groene Keuken

In the evening we looked forward to go out and eat at Fad’Oli (which offered some vegan sandwiches, salads and sushi!). When we arrived, however, it was closed. Disappointed. Luckily, I also saw there was Chez Félix on Happy Cow, it wasn’t a long walk. We entered and asked the chef if they had some ‘végétalien’ dishes. He enthousiasticly answered that the soup was vegan and also the vegetarien curry wok. To be certain, we asked if it was without dairy and/or eggs – everything was okay! Glad we found some vegan food, sat down on the terras, next to an old Roman Arena. The soup was pumpkin soup, which was good, but we did add some extra pepper. The wok was spinach and lentils in a coco-curry sauce with some rice. The flavor was really good, we enjoyed our meal and were happy with a nice dinner, lovely temperature and the typical France view. The service was absolutely great, the waitress didn’t speak a lot of English but did the best she could (and we are lucky to know some French). If you are ever in Arles, don’t hesitate to check out Chez Felix, there’s probably gonna be at least one vegan dish on his menu.

Chez Félix, Rond point des Arènes 32b, Arles
Open thu-tue 11h00-15h00 19h00-22h00

23. Meatless Monday – Spicy soba noodles with vegetables

Pittige soba noedels met groenten | De Groene Keuken

Spicy soba noodles with vegetables
4 people

400 g soba noodles 
2 onions
2 red bell peppers
3 large carrots
1 Chinese or white cabbage
250 g soy bean sprouts
Optional: 100 ml vegetable stock
Optional: tofu

Put a cooking put with water on the stove to boil the noodles.
Start with cutting the vegetables in bite sized pieces.
Heat some oil in a wok and fry the onion. Pepper the onion.
Add the carrots. You can add some veg stock to speed up the process of cooking the carrots.
When the carrots are almost done, add the pepper and cabbage. Lastly, you add the soy bean sprouts.
When you want to add tofu, you bake this in a separate pan.
When everything is done, you add them all in the wok or in a large bowl and serve with a little bowl of sauce.

Sweet and sour sauce with some spice

¾ cup (180 ml) apple juice
2 tbsp white wine vinegar (or sweeter: appel cider vinegar)
2 tbsp tomato ketchup

2 tbsp tamari (or soy sauce)
1 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tbsp cornstarch (or tapioca powder)

Boil all the ingredients, except for the cornstarch, in a small cooking pot. Add the cornstarch, disolved in some water, and let it thicken. Taste and add some cayenne pepper for your taste.

21. Saturday Testday – Beauty Without Cruelty Lipstick

Beauty Without Cruelty Lippenstift | De Groene KeukenI don’t use a lot of make-up, I’m allergic to different things (like perfume), a lot is not vegan and I almost never feel like using make-up. In spring however, I decided to order a lipstick. I saw Beauty Without Cruelty, which is vegan AND is hypo-allergenic and free of perfume. The perfect lipstick for me.

When I do buy something like this, I opt for a color with a bang. I chose the Ripe Cherry lipstick. It’s a beautiful red color, my lips don’t get dry and it stays on my lips for a pretty good while.

Beauty Without Cruelty Lippenstift | De Groene Keuken

I’d like to order 1 or 2 bottles of nail polish soon, I’m only in doubt about the color since there are so many to choose from.

If you ever want to order make-up, order something from BWC, in the US it’s available from Lotus Brand (and probably other stores as well).

Have you ever bought something from BWC, what was your experience? Which color of nail polish do you like best?